The Journey

For the fitness adventurer, there’s always something new or something to get better at. The workout tracker will record your journey. From a beginner to a regular at the gym, knowing where you started is an important step. There’s growth in setting your goals and seeing your progress. The path will be different for everyone, but we can all share in the rewards of staying active and motivated.

The Game

Thunderwave is a workout tracker with gamification elements to give an extra layer of motivation. There are levels, quests, achievements, and milestones to gain along your journey.

Think about it as a role-playing card game. Your main character card gains stats and bonuses as you work out. Each exercise gains up to 2 attributes from 6 main attributes. The character attributes are strength, endurance, speed, agility, charisma, and vitality. For example, weightlifting exercises will be primarily strength, while long distance running will be endurance.

You can accomplish quests, achievements and/or milestones, represented as a unique card.

At certain levels, you can gain relics, titles, and special bonuses.

The Community

At the competitor and patron subscription plans, you can join in on the group challenges and socialize with the community. On the group forums, you can share knowledge, ideas, and interests. You can join a challenge with others like competing for the most running distance in a month. You can create your own “crew” challenges that only you and your friends can join.

Register an account and create a subscription to start your journey today.