Android mobile application in development.
Level yourself up!

A workout tracker with gamification components to add another layer of motivation. This includes quests, milestones, achievements and group challenges.

Compatible with Strava

Register an account and create a subscription to use the workout tracker.

Workout Tracker


  • $30 (CAD) annual subscription
  • Keep to yourself and track your workouts.
  • Everything is kept private.
  • No social features.
Part of the Community


  • $30 (CAD) annual subscription
  • Join public groups and challenges
  • Socialize on the group forums
  • Trial, free for 30 days. Test the platform out and socialize with the community.
30 Day Free Trial to see if it motivates you!


  • $40 (CAD) annual subscription
  • Enhanced dashboard and stats
  • Additional Groups for application feature suggestions.